The Flash of Light over Western U.S.: A Meteor, Not Alien Visitors, Yet Questions Remain Unanswered

In April, the Western U.S. was lit up by a flash of light that sparked speculations about extraterrestrial visitors. This theory, however, has been debunked with the light being identified as a meteor, according to U.S. media outlets. But the concurrent sightings of alleged aliens that coincided with the flash have not yet been explained, leaving some unanswered questions in their wake.

The flash of light was spotted on April 30, captured by a Las Vegas police officer’s body camera. Not long after this sighting, a 911 call was made reporting a UFO landing in a backyard, according to local CBS affiliate 8 News Now.

The caller described a large, non-human entity lurking in his yard, with notable features like big eyes. Adding to the mystery, police officers responding to the scene found other witnesses who claimed to have seen the same entity, as captured in the shared police footage.

The American Meteor Society confirmed that the flash of light was a meteor entering the atmosphere, an event logged in their fireball records. Surprisingly, NASA made no mention of this incident, which was explained by Lindley Johnson, a NASA planetary defense official, in an interview with Vice Media’s Motherboard outlet. Johnson said that NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) database only records objects that are one meter in size or more, which are large enough to be classified as asteroids instead of meteors.

Johnson also suggested that the meteor wouldn’t have landed in Las Vegas, a fact supported by local police who found no evidence of a UFO.

Meteors, not an uncommon visitor to Earth, often create large fireballs visible even during daylight hours. For instance, in April, a meteor hit Earth and exploded in Israel, its fireball clearly visible. Other recent meteor impacts include several believed to have hit Maine, one striking a home in New Jersey, and another one the size of a Pembroke Welsh corgi, landing in Texas.

While the flash of light’s identity as a meteor seems resolved, the mystery remains: What did land in the caller’s yard? Local law enforcement took the call seriously, stating the testimonies seemed credible and likely not a hoax, given that hoax 911 calls are considered felonies in Nevada, as per 8 News Now.

Despite several attempts, the witnesses could not be reached for further comments. As the search for evidence continues, police stated their intention to find answers soon, particularly given Las Vegas’s proximity to the infamous Area 51.

While the scientific community identifies the flash of light as a meteor, the alleged sightings of alien life forms continue to intrigue people. As the saga unfolds, it highlights the fine line between science and speculation in the search for extraterrestrial life.

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