US Military Shoots Down UFOs over Alaska, Footage Classified: What Really Happened?

The news that the U.S. military shot down two unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over Alaska has sparked intense speculation and interest. However, the Pentagon has said that the footage of the incident is classified and will not be publicly released.

According to a Defense Department spokesperson, “The footage of the high altitude objects and the takedown of those objects exists… none of that footage has been cleared for release and the footage remained classified.”

This lack of transparency from the Pentagon has led to many questions and theories about what exactly the military shot down. Some have speculated that the objects may have been weather monitoring balloons, while others have suggested that they were possibly extraterrestrial in nature.

The incident comes just weeks after a Chinese spy balloon was detected drifting over the continental United States. While the Pentagon did release one still image of the balloon, they have so far declined to release any footage or photos of the objects shot down over Alaska.

The lack of transparency from the government has fueled criticism and skepticism. Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., took to Twitter to voice his concerns, saying “Joe Biden let a Chinese spy balloon cross the entire U.S. Now he’s shooting down everything that flies. Why? Who knows. He apparently doesn’t. Either the Biden administration is lying to us or they’re totally and completely incompetent. Or both.”

The secrecy surrounding the incident is not unusual. The military often classifies information for national security reasons, and it is not uncommon for sensitive information to be withheld from the public. However, the lack of information in this case has only added to the speculation and interest surrounding the incident.

It remains to be seen whether any further information about the incident will be released in the future. For now, the mystery surrounding the objects shot down over Alaska continues to captivate the public’s imagination. (Source)

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