The 2023 Cannabis Cup: Southern California Gears Up for the Ultimate Marijuana Showdown

The prestigious annual Cannabis Cup, hosted by the renowned weed culture magazine High Times, is returning to Southern California for another exciting year of head-to-head competitions. This unique event invites experts and connoisseurs to crown the state’s top cannabis suppliers, offering an opportunity for participants to engage in a one-of-a-kind marijuana showdown.

The 2023 Cannabis Cup, organized by High Times, welcomes Southern California residents of legal age to participate in the annual marijuana competition. Judges will have the chance to evaluate products from both large-scale operations and smaller mom-and-pop pot shops, assessing a wide range of products such as sativa and indica flowers, gummies, chocolates, other edibles, and pre-rolled joints.

Open to all cannabis brands across California, High Times has stated that the primary judging pool will consist of Southern California consumers. This marks the third time the Cannabis Cup has been held in California, a state with a “legendary” cannabis history, according to High Times. Over 2,200 enthusiasts will act as cannabis arbiters, evaluating various factors such as taste, aroma, and “burnability” across 12 categories.

To participate as a judge, fans must purchase a judging kit that includes 8 to 28 samples (depending on the chosen category) from cannabis companies across the state. Judges are asked to submit detailed comments regarding the “aesthetics, aroma, taste, and effects of each product.” Feedback must be submitted by July 10, with winners announced during an online award show two weeks later.

Judging kits can be purchased at High Times dispensaries, partner locations, or through High Times delivery. Inventory is limited, so kits will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis starting on May 20. Each kit comes with a High Times tote bag that includes a scorecard and important information.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to take part in the 2023 Cannabis Cup and help crown the top pot providers in California. Become a cannabis connoisseur judge and celebrate California’s legendary cannabis culture with High Times.

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