Alien “Dandelion Seeds”: Tiny Probes Exploring Our Solar System?


In a thought-provoking report released earlier this month, Pentagon officials Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick and Avi Loeb suggest that it is possible aliens are visiting our solar system and releasing small probes on reconnaissance missions, similar to those conducted by NASA. These tiny spacecraft, dubbed “dandelion seeds,” may have already visited Earth, and their existence raises questions about our understanding of extraterrestrial life.

Dandelion Seeds: An Extraterrestrial Exploration Strategy

The report, published on March 7th, explores the physical constraints of unidentified aerial phenomena. Kirkpatrick and Loeb propose that extraterrestrial civilizations may be exploring our solar system using “dandelion seeds” – small spacecraft capable of collecting and transmitting information. These artificial objects, carried by a small aircraft, could rely on the gravitational force of the sun or move independently.

NASA’s Search for Alien Probes

In 2022, Congress directed NASA to locate at least 90 percent of foreign objects larger than 140 meters passing close to Earth. Using the Pan-STARRS (Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System) telescopes in Hawai’i, NASA detected an unidentified body called “Oumuamua” in October 2017. This cylindrical object, potentially of artificial origin, led to speculation about the existence of other small, difficult-to-detect objects.

The Concerns and Implications

The report highlights concerns about the potential for these small objects to reach Earth without detection, as they may not reflect enough sunlight to be visible through most telescope technology. Equipped with parachutes, these devices could slow their entry into Earth’s atmosphere, evading observation and pursuing their targets upon landing.

Kirkpatrick and Loeb speculate that aliens would be interested in exploring rocky planets with liquid water. Interestingly, they also note that the civilizations responsible for sending these probes may no longer exist, as most stars in the galaxy were formed billions of years before our sun. These civilizations could have sent these spy devices long before Earth was formed, only to have since died out.


The possibility of alien “dandelion seeds” traversing our solar system raises fascinating questions about extraterrestrial life, our ability to detect these tiny probes, and the implications of such a discovery. As researchers continue to study these unidentified aerial phenomena, we may be on the verge of uncovering new and profound insights into the universe and our place within it. (Source)

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